Reikon Beheer to Manufacture and Market SheerWind Technology in Netherlands

5 januari 2016 – Worldindustrialreporter –

Reikon Beheer, a Dutch investment company, has signed an agreement with Minnesota-based SheerWind Technology to market and deploy its systems in the Netherlands.
Reikon Beheer will market SheerWind’s INVELOX (INcreased VELocity) wind-power generating system, a highly efficient and economical alternative to conventional wind technology. Reikon Beheer will introduce SheerWind’s technology under the name NedPower SWH and expects the construction of the pilot project to begin in the first quarter of 2016.

INVELOX uses a funnel to collect wind and channels the wind, increasing its speed. INVELOX delivers the wind efficiently to multiple turbines covered on the ground. This allows the production of wind energy at record low speeds of 2 meters per second. INVELOX can be used in areas like urban rooftops, potentially eliminating large power grid systems.

The reduced size of the turbine blades and harvesting of wind at ground levels result in significant cost savings, environmental safety and better commercial output. INVELOX can also be built in commercial, military and passenger vehicles in the form of an assisting power system that maintains charge in batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles.

“The Netherlands has a long history with wind technology, but is behind schedule to reach the goal of 14% renewable energy by 2020. I believe that INVELOX is THE solution to make this impossible goal possible,” said Huibert Uittenbogaard, the CEO of NedPower SWH. “As we have with our other companies, we look forward to providing a needed solution for our country while providing new opportunities for our communities.”

The agreement will be SheerWind’s second partnership in Europe and the fifth partnership globally which will expand INVELOX technology worldwide.

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