SheerWind goes Dutch

4 januari 2016 – Renews

Dutch company Reikon Beheer is to market and deploy SheerWind’s Invelox wind power generating systems in the Netherlands.

The licensing agreement is US company SheerWind’s second in Europe and fifth globally allowing its technology to further expand worldwide.

Reikon Beheer will introduce SheerWind’s technology under the name NedPower SWH to customers in the Netherlands and expects its first pilot project to be under construction in the first quarter of 2016.

The Invelox system collects wind in a funnel system that aims to increase its speed before delivering it to multiple turbines.

SheerWind said this means energy can be produced from record low wind speeds of two metres per second in locations close to the end user.

NedPower SWH chief executive officer Huibert Uittenbogaard said: “The Netherlands has a long history with wind technology, but is behind schedule to reach the goal of 14% renewable energy by 2020. I believe that Invelox is the solution to make this impossible goal possible.”

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