SheerWind to market wind funnel systems in Netherlands

6 januari 2016 – Renewables

January 6 (SeeNews) – US-based SheerWind Inc, inventor of an innovative wind power generation facility, said Monday it has signed a licensing deal for its technology to be made, marketed and deployed in the Netherlands.

Investment company Reikon Beheer is the entity that will introduce the Invelox wind delivery system to the Dutch market under the name NedPower SWH. The company anticipates to break ground on the pilot project using the technology in the first quarter of 2016.

SheerWind’s Invelox technology consists of a funnel that draws wind down into a ground-based turbine, which then produces electricity. The company claims that this system can generate power even in times of record low wind speeds and can be deployed in urban areas.

This is the US manufacturer’s second licensing agreement in Europe and its fifth one globally, according to the press release. In November last year, it paved its way into the Chinese market through a deal with Hunan-based SheerWindChina.

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